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Duccio's painting of the Madonna and Child can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

Artwork by Amy Moore

In this painting I had fun with the idea that Loki had once transformed into a horse and given birth to Sljepnir, who became Odin's favorite horse. I like to imagine them going for an annual Mother's Day run.

Wesley and Buttercup in the aspen grove

Agnes and Agatha in the manner of Frida Kahlo

Janet and Jason was inspired by the characters in The Good Place.

The Mandalorian and Child

This painting is a Mandalorian version of the Madonna and Child by Duccio which is at the Metropolitan museum of Art in NYC.

The Octopus and the Hammer

What does this painting mean to you? Let me know here and I will share some of the replies.

Aspen Trees at Fish Lake

Water Lily behind Equisetum

Wanda and Vision Reunion

Easter Colors